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Our REBEL BARRE Class starts with arm work and then lots of work for perky butts and lean legs. We throw in some awesome abs and plenty of stretching as we go along. Barre is a low impact exercise suitable for all ages and exercise levels including pregnancy. It's a tough class but nothing good comes without a bit of hard work. And it's great fun. Places are limited to 11


Our REBEL BARRE CARDIO DANCE Class starts with a barre warmup and then we move to the floor for some great cardio dance moves to get the heart beating and the calories burning. No dance experience needed, if you can move your feet you can come to Cardio Dance class. And it's such great fun you won't even realise you are doing exercise!! Places are limited to 12


Our Rebel Barre Bounce class is a low impact,  cardio class that is loads of fun.  We use the mini jump sport rebounders to get a great workout.  We start with some jumping but also include a Barre inspired section for toning and some ab work.  It's a full body workout. Places are strictly limited to 9.


Our Rebel Barre class is a specific class looking at exercises and ways to help or prevent urinary incontinence and issues such as pelvic prolapse. A large majority of woman will have some type of pelvic floor issue in the lifetime and prevention is better than cure so incorporating pelvic floor exercises into your workout routine is essential for all woman. Places are limited to 10.





Rebel Barre  Class Times

Urban Health, Ranelagh

Tuesday 7pm

Wednesday 6 & 7pm

Thursday 6pm

Saturday 11.15am

Sunday 10am & 11am

Rebel Barre Cardio Dance Class Times

Temple Lane Rehearsal Studios (basement next to The Button Factory) Curved Street - Entrance is via large metal door to the left of the Button Factory entrance. Press the buzzer for 'Rehearsal Studio' and we are down the stairs. 

Monday 6.30 pm

Rebel Barre Bounce

Urban Space, Ranelagh

Tuesday 6pm

Saturday 10.15am

Rebel Barre Pelvic Floor

Urban Space, Ranelagh

Monday 7.15pm