Rebel Barre - Rebel of the month - October

October's Rebel of the month is the gorgeous Grianne.  Here is why Grianne loves Rebel Barre in her own words....

'Before barre I’d been round the block trying different exercise types. I’d easily let work or other plans divert me from exercising. A few years ago I worked with a nutritionist who suggested I try barre.

When I started taking classes with Orla and Jade in 2013 I knew I’d found something that worked for me. It was a full body workout in 60 minutes. The music was great and the classes were challenging but fun at the same time. The main thing I noticed was that I wanted to keep going back.

I think challenging but fun sums up the teaching at Rebel Barre. Orla and Jade are experienced teachers who are always updating their classes with new moves. They work hard to get the best out of everyone and give a lot of individual cues and feedback. At the same time they don’t take themselves too seriously which helps you to do the same and enjoy the classes. There’s also a really good sense of camaraderie in the classes.

The atmosphere at Rebel Barre makes it feel easy to stretch your comfort zone. I started cardio barre this year which is a different style to classes I’ve taken before. A few years ago the idea of a class like that would have intimidated me, it’s now the class I enjoy the most.'


Physically barre’s made me toned and strong. My body’s leaner all over, especially my arms and legs. What I value most though is that barre changed the way I viewed exercising. It went from being a chore to something I look forward to.


No matter what’s going on in my life I find 2 or 3 hours a week to get to class. I know if I do that I feel healthier and happier which is a great foundation for everything else

Rebel Barre Rebel of the Month - September

Our September Rebel of the Month is the gorgeous Aoife, Aoife is one of our most loyal clients and if we don’t see her in class at least twice a week then we worry about her and we miss the ray of sunshine she brings into the class!! :) Don’t let that smile fool you she is a barre machine! Here in her own words is what she loves about Rebel Barre.

‘I have been taking Barre classes with Orla and Jade since 2012 and I haven't looked back since. 

I absolutely love everything about the Rebel Barre classes. Orla and Jade are trained dancers and they are amazing teachers, their classes are really tough and they push you to challenge yourself but in a fun way and to a great playlist. I also love that Orla and Jade always keep the classes fun and when Orla goes to London or LA we all know that her first class back will be a great one because she dying to try out a new routine on us. 

I started barre because I did some research on workouts that help you tone up and build muscle without having to do a high intensity cardio workout and I discovered Ballet Barre. I have been to many Barre classes in Dublin over the years and Orla and Jade's are the best in my opinion. They really know how to deliver amazing classes to all levels and abilities and you don't need any dance experience to be able to do the classes. 

I’ve seen my core strength really improve and I have toned up all over, particularity on my legs. My flexibility has also improved a lot and when I attended Rebel Barre's last splits workshop I was able to do the full splits by the end. It's not just about being able to do the splits though, I feel so much stronger and healthier and that has had a positive impact on my overall wellbeing too.  I have recommended Rebel Barre to everyone I know. I just love the classes so much and I think anyone who goes to Orla and Jade's classes feels the same way. There is no-one else like them in Dublin and I know that they are going to keep growing and go from strength to strength. ‘

Rebel Barre update - September 2016


So we just wanted to give you all a little update on what is going on with our new Rebel Barre space.  In turns out there have been a multitude of issues with the opening of the new space in Hatch Street and it looks like it is not going to be ready to move into now for at least another couple of months.  To say we are gutted is an understatement but we have been working around the clock to find spaces to bring you as many Rebel Barre classes as we can.  So this is where we are…… We are going to be teaching a Barre class on Tuesday at 5.30pm and Thursday night at 5.30pm in The Holistic Centre on South William Street from Tuesday 20th SeptemberThis is as well as our 6pm Barre and 7pm Cardio Dance on a Monday night in Temple Lane Rehearsal Studios and our 10.30 am Saturday class there as well.  

We are looking to do some pop up classes in other spaces as well and are in the process of trying to put all that in place so please bear with us.

We are happy to announce that we are now selling the Sticky Be grippy socks at Rebel Barre.  We love them, they are great quality and have little inspirational messages on each one. We loved them so much that we had to bring them over from the States for you.  The basic grippy socks will be 12 euro per pair and come in black, purple and blue and the long leg warmer socks (our favourites) will be 16 euro and come in black.  At the moment they are just available in class with payment in cash but we are hoping to get our online shop up and running soon.  

Last few spots for our 90’s workshop are available to book into and next month we will be doing our 80s workshop in aid of Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer awareness month.  Date and more information on that to come.

We have a small problem

Hey everyone,  So as many of you know we lease our Rebel Barre space from the lovely people at 17 Personal Training, well this week we were informed that there is a problem with their lease and the land lord has issued them with a notice to vacate the premises of No 18 Merrion Square.  Obviously this has come as a huge shock and we now have to leave by the 6th August. 


We have a new space near Harcourt Street to move into at the beginning of September but we are now homeless for about a month.  We are adding Barre classes to the Temple Bar schedule on a Monday night at 6pm and Saturday morning at 10.30am.  Now we know that this is not convenient for lots of you and we are so upset to have to leave a space we put so much work into but rest assured we are working around the clock to come up with other spaces to teach in and you guys will be the first to know.


We just want to say how much we appreciate all the support we have received from everyone in our Rebel Barre journey and we do see this as a small hiccup in what will continue to be a great success story.  Obviously we are extending the expiry date of all packages that have been purchased by 2 months and we hope you will bear with us while we get through what we hope will just be a small road block.


We will keep you informed as soon as we have more information.  The classes up until 6th August in Merrion Square will go ahead as planned and our workshop on 20th August will go ahead in Temple Bar along withMonday night classes there of Barre at 6pm and Cardio Dance at 7pm. Our Saturday classes will start there from 13th August.  We are going also going to close for 2 weeks holidays from Tuesday 23rd August until Sunday 4th September.  Our website will keep updated with classes and locations.


Thanks for your patience and we’ll see you at the Barre very soon.


It was great to have one of the Stellar Magazine writers in class last week.  She loved Rebel Barre class and gave us a great write up on the website.  Take a look here:


Our summer offer has proved so popular that we have decided to extend it until July 15th.  So you have just 2 more weeks to take advantage of this great value offer.  The classes are valid for 3 months and can be used in any of our classes. See you at the barre.


Summer offer

To celebrate the start of summer we have a special Rebel Barre summer offer.  In June we are giving you the chance to purchase a 5 class pass for just €65.  This pass is valid for 3 months from the day of purchase during June only and is valid for all classes. So now is the time to up your Rebel Barre game or maybe give us a try for the first time.

|n June we are also extending our 'Bring a new friend to the barre offer' If you introduce a friend to Rebel Barre and bring them to a class then we'll credit your account with a free class to say thank you.

See you at the barre.

18, Merrion Square North

Thank you to everyone who came to our free classes night last Wednesday, it was great to see so many new and old faces. We start our full schedule of classes next week from Tuesday in the new space and we can't wait to see you all there.  We hope you love it as much as we do! 

Our Monday night class in Temple Bar is going to change to a Cardio Dance class from Monday 9th May.  The space in Temple Lane Rehearsal Studio is perfect to move in so we can't wait to see you there to get your dance on!!

We will be adding some occasional Saturday morning classes in addition to the workshops so keep an eye on the schedule for those! 

See you at the barre! 

April News

Classes have been going so well over the last few weeks so thank you to everyone who has come down to take class.  Our Splits workshop on Saturday 2nd April is now sold out, really looking forward to it.  We'll be running lots more workshops soon so watch this space and sign up to our newsletter.  We are starting a new 7pm Monday class in the Temple Lane Rehearsal studios, opposite FilmBase in Temple Bar from Monday 4th April.  Book online or drop us an email for more information. 


Due to demand, we have added a new Thursday night class at 7.30pm in the Merrion Row studio.  We are currently in talks for a space to teach on Monday nights so we will have news about that very soon. Subscribe to our newsletter for up to date information on classes and workshops. See you at the barre

Merrion Row Classes and Splits Workshop.

We started our Merrion Row classes on Monday 7th March, and it was great to see so many of you at the barre.  Our Merrion Row classes are filling up fast, 6.30pm Thursday this week is full with a wait list! So don't miss out on your favourite classes, book in now.

We are excited to be running a Splits workshop on April 2nd from 11am in Merrion Row studio.  Book in quickly as there are only 9 spots available.

See you at the barre!


Rebel Barre Rocked!

We launched our classes today and we're so happy so see all your smiling faces at the barre.  Can't wait to get started in the studio in Merrion Row next week. And we have some exciting new classes and workshops planned! See you at the Barre.

Brand New Barre Classes

We're so excited to launch our new schedule of barre classes.  We'll be teaching on a Wednesday from 2nd March in My Wellbeing, 16 Dame Street and on Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays from 7th March in Regimes Studio, 16, Merrion Row.  Can't wait to see you at the barre.