Eat yourself Happy




So March is here...... We can start looking towards sunnier days but here in Ireland we're not guaranteed an actual summer so what can we do to try to cheer ourselves up when they weather is constantly grim?  Here at Rebel Barre we know how much food can help cheer us up, and no, sorry, I'm not talking cake, although that can help it's usually a short term fix.  So here are 6 foods that can help raise your spirits.


Walnuts - Walnuts are one of the richest dietary sources of serotonin, the happiness chemical. Add some chopped walnuts to your breakfast porridge or make some tasty protein balls

Beetroot - Beetroot are a great source of Vitamin B, and are packed with betaine.  They are basically awesome. Drink your beets in juice or add some grated beetroot to salads for your beet happiness kick

Chickpeas - Our love for chickpeas here at Rebel barre is strong. We could pretty much eat them everyday in different forms.  And they are full of vitamin B6 which can help our mood.  Eat some hummus or throw a tin in a salad or a curry.

Red Wine - Well obviously we hear you say, yes, we all feel happier after a bottle of wine or 3 but red wine is full of antioxidants so go ahead and have a glass!

Chocolate - So we are not talking about a bar of Cadburys, lovely as that is the sugar can make you crash, to get your happiness fix you need to go for dark chocolate and the darker the better.  It's loaded with polyphenols which can boost your mood.

 Apricots - Oh how we love a sweet apricot, they make us feel all summery and they are packed with vitamin B6 and zeaxanthin which have been linked to higher moods,


And finally the best way to boost your mood is exercise or a bit of a dance... So hopefully we'll see you at the barre very soon.