Rebel Barre - Rebel of the month - October

October's Rebel of the month is the gorgeous Grianne.  Here is why Grianne loves Rebel Barre in her own words....

'Before barre I’d been round the block trying different exercise types. I’d easily let work or other plans divert me from exercising. A few years ago I worked with a nutritionist who suggested I try barre.

When I started taking classes with Orla and Jade in 2013 I knew I’d found something that worked for me. It was a full body workout in 60 minutes. The music was great and the classes were challenging but fun at the same time. The main thing I noticed was that I wanted to keep going back.

I think challenging but fun sums up the teaching at Rebel Barre. Orla and Jade are experienced teachers who are always updating their classes with new moves. They work hard to get the best out of everyone and give a lot of individual cues and feedback. At the same time they don’t take themselves too seriously which helps you to do the same and enjoy the classes. There’s also a really good sense of camaraderie in the classes.

The atmosphere at Rebel Barre makes it feel easy to stretch your comfort zone. I started cardio barre this year which is a different style to classes I’ve taken before. A few years ago the idea of a class like that would have intimidated me, it’s now the class I enjoy the most.'


Physically barre’s made me toned and strong. My body’s leaner all over, especially my arms and legs. What I value most though is that barre changed the way I viewed exercising. It went from being a chore to something I look forward to.


No matter what’s going on in my life I find 2 or 3 hours a week to get to class. I know if I do that I feel healthier and happier which is a great foundation for everything else